Monday, August 15, 2016

My Book Blog Tour: Documenting My Family's Old Shanghai

Many thanks to Lidy Wilks for hosting my blog tour for Trixi Pudong and the Greater World. I've written about why I wrote this book. Here's an introduction... Enjoy!

I was born in Oakland and grew up like many of the Asian Americans who now populate Northern California. My parents worked and made sure my sister and I each had our own bedrooms, our own cars, and that we'd graduate from college with multiple degrees, debt-free. I was privileged.

My father came from Shanghai but in my suburban childhood, Dad's origins didn't play a big role. Imagine that: Dad was born in the 1930s in the fabled Paris of the Orient, one of the most decadent cities to have ever existed. A storied city of dreams, thousands of times more debaucherous than Las Vegas. And I didn't know anything about it. 

Continue reading at Lidy Wilks's blog!

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